Introducing Mydoorhandle for developers

What is Mydoorhandle?

An online location-sharing app which allows you to associate a physical address with a unique URL e.g This allows you to replace a traditional address (which can be both inaccurate or incomplete), with a digital address, which is accurate, and super easy to create, locate and share.

Part of MDH's service is a comprehensive web-based API, which allows online companies to use the power and convenience of MyDoorHandle in their sites.

The API allows sites to easily create their own private Handles, allowing them to store the addresses and locations of customers and online orders.This location information can then be used to assist with delivery, logistics and record-keeping.

Using the API is a simple process, for websites to effectively digitize their customers' location data. With both web and smartphone versions available, it provides an extremely cost-effective and scalable logistics solution, without the need for any proprietary hardware or software installations.

So how would digital doorhandles be useful for online ecommerce?

Secure, cloud-based central repository for your customer's location data. Your private doorhandles can be accessed by any employee through authentication. It allows drivers, telephone operators, customer services representatives, and anybody else in your company, the ability to view and alter a particular doorhandle's information at any time.

TIP: A driver can, while on the road, correct a Handle's exact location, or can add more accurate delivery instructions and additional contact information.
The result: customer location data that is accessible from anywhere and always up-to-date.

1. Capture the address or latidtude-longitude of your customer or order

2. Call Mydoorhandle API to create a private, unique doorhandle for your customer or order

3. Store the doorhandle against the record of your client or order

4. Use Mydoorhandle's web and smartphone tools for all delivery, logistics and location-based requirements

Step 1: Customer enters physical address at checkout on your site

Order Checkout: Please enter your delivery address

Step 2: Your site invokes MyDoorHandle API, to create a DoorHandle for the customer or order

(see the online documentation for the fields that the API expects).

Step 3: The DoorHandle is created and its details returned

The following fields are returned by the API once the DoorHandle has been created:
  • The Handle Name eg. order123
  • The Handle ID (for subsequent editing/deleting Handle)
  • A link to the Handle eg.

Your site should then store this DoorHandle against the client's record or order number, for easy reference and retrieval.

Step 4: Use the MyDoorHandle web interface and smartphone application for your delivery, logistics and location-based record-keeping

MyDoorHandle's feature-rich smartphone and web interfaces allow your employees and/or delivery partners to instantly access location details of any order or customer.